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Tri Tren steroid –  (Steroid branched chain) is a steroid with a branched side chain – isoleucine, valine, and leucine.

There are several dozens of amino acids, but these three play a key role in many metabolic processes; without their presence, individual reactions are simply impossible. First of all, because unlike other, interchangeable amino acids leucine, isoleucine and valine, the body is not able to synthesize on its own. And after these amino acids enter the body, of which he can independently synthesize all other types of amino acids.

Of these three amino acids almost 40% of our muscle tissue. It is they who shift the anabolic reaction in our body in a positive direction (improve and accelerate anabolism). The key function of the Tri Tren steroid is the use of these three amino acids as backup energy sources for our muscles. Since they are split elements of the Tri Tren steroid, the body does not need to waste energy on their assimilation, which occurs much faster than when they consume normal protein.

  1. Suppresses the breakdown of protein molecules: when taking leucine on the background of training, you can reduce the breakdown of protein. This will save muscle mass and will not lead to a bright catabolic process.
  2. Accelerates protein synthesis: Accelerated protein synthesis helps to increase muscle mass and increase strength.
  3. Suppresses the breakdown of glucose: during stressful situations (burdening exercises, low carbohydrate diet) the body produces cortisol. This catabolic hormone contributes to the breakdown of glycogen. Leucine can reduce catabolic processes in the body against the background of hard training. Along with valine and isoleucine, it has a developed side chain and therefore is used by the body for energy.
  4. Enhances insulin secretion: Leucine is able to act on insulin secretion, increasing its secretion. Together with other Tri Tren steroids (valine and isoleucine), leucine has a stronger effect on insulin release in the blood plasma. For people who want to increase their power performance and build muscle, this property will be one of the most important.
  5. Supports water metabolism in the body: the level of albumin in the blood depends on the concentration of essential amino acids, in particular – leucine. Albumin regulates water metabolism, and low albumin levels can lead to edema.
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Due to these functions, leucine is able to bring the body to a pronounced positive nitrogen balance. What has a beneficial effect on the progress in the recruitment of muscle mass?

Application of Tri Tren in sports

Leucine is ideal for admission to power sports, such as bodybuilding, powerlifting, arm wrestling. Power orientation training in these disciplines requires in the diet of a large number of essential amino acids. For athletes, it is very important to prevent the predominance of catabolic processes over anabolic. This amino acid perfectly fulfills its functions and is really obligatory to receive. But athletes of cyclic disciplines (running, swimming, cycling) also need this supplement, as it actively participates in energy education during physical exertion.

TriTren main features

  1. Provides hemoglobin synthesis: many proteins in the blood are bound by oxygen. Isoleucine is able to increase and ensure the accession of a larger amount of oxygen to hemoglobin. Due to this, the transport function of the blood and the synthesis of hemoglobin are accelerated and carried out. As a result, the overall endurance of the body increases.
  2. Regulates blood sugar levels: the excess and lack of glucose in the blood is very harmful to the body. The blood sugar norm is 3.3-3.5 mmol / l. Hormones regulate sugar levels, and essential amino acids are the basis for hormones. Isoleucine is involved in the formation of insulin. A deficiency of isoleucine leads to insufficient production of this hormone. As a result, with a deficiency of isoleucine, we risk acquiring the disease ketoacidosis (carbohydrate metabolism).
  3. Normalizes the processes of energy supply: metabolism (absorption and use) of isoleucine occurs in the muscle tissue. This amino acid accelerates the process of muscle recovery through the synthesis of alanine. Alanine is an interchangeable amino acid and produces glucose from protein. That is, in fact, isoleucine contributes to more rapid muscle recovery.
  4. Strengthens the synthesis of the epidermis (outer layer of skin): the extracellular fluid of the epidermis is a blood plasma and lymph. This fluid circulates through the heartbeat. As mentioned above, the more essential amino acids in the blood, the faster the metabolic processes, including the restoration of the epidermis.
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Tritren is used in many sports. These are strength disciplines (bodybuilding, powerlifting), and cyclical sports (running, swimming, etc.). The main task of isoleucine during physical exertion is an increase in endurance and replenishment of energy expended.

Tri Trenbolone main features

  1. Restores muscle tissue after heavy physical exertion: accelerates protein synthesis, which can not affect the muscle mass gain and accelerate recovery. Without branched amino acids, in particular Tri Trenbolone, metabolism slows down. Also, the regeneration process becomes impossible.
  2. Participates in the formation of energy: Tri Trenabolis used by muscles to release energy, along with isoleucine and leucine, since it has developed side chains in its structure. Improves coordination of muscle contractions, thereby increasing dexterity and accuracy of movements.
  3. Participates in maintaining the nitrogen balance: In bodybuilding for a set of muscle mass, athletes are trying to change the nitrogen balance positively. therefore the complex of Tri Tren steroid, having valine, is taken together with arginine.
  4. Participates in maintaining the level of serotonin and assimilation of other proteins: due to this function, cases of valine use in medicine are not rare. It is used in the treatment of depression. If the body is deficient in Tri Trenbolone, it leads to the destruction of contractile proteins. Even a slight lack of valine can disrupt the uptake of other proteins.

Application of Tri Trenbolone in Sport

Ideal for taking Tri Trenbolone-containing supplements is the period of work on the mass. This will strengthen the muscles and reduce the level of cortisol. Therefore, if you decide to gain a few kilograms of muscle mass, then valine will be a good helper in this matter. Valine improves testosterone metabolism, which means that your performance will increase, and the impact of stress will be minimal.

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The main proven effects of Tri Tren steroid bodybuilding:

  • Preventing muscle damage
  • Increase lean muscle mass
  • Reduced body fat percentage
  • Increase in power indicators
  • Increase the effectiveness of sports nutrition by 40%

Combining all three amino acids – leucine, isoleucine, and valine in a single drug gives a powerful anabolic effect for the whole body. In addition to the already described properties, amino acids are actively involved in the restoration of muscle tissue, serve as a source of energy. Bodybuilding, fitness, powerlifting – All these sports are directly related to muscle microtraumas, with the need for a full recovery of muscles, ligaments, joints. That is why when choosing sports nutrition you should not forget about tren mix, since this very important for any athlete. 




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