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What is the Tri Tren cycle for?

Modern sport is already impossible to imagine without steroids and Tri Tren 150 is one of the most popular products.
Tri tren – carbohydrate-protein mixture with a percentage of protein content (15-30%) and carbohydrates (50-80%). The Tri Tren cycle includes a complex carbohydrate of varying complexity and with a different glycemic index, which allows your body to get the maximum amount of energy and adds strength during intense physical exertion, and also forms the optimal stock glycogen in the muscles.

As you know, proteins are better absorbed in combination with carbohydrates, which increases the efficiency of this product. Also, good Tri tren contains vitamins and minerals, beneficial unsaturated fats, as well as substances that contribute to better absorption of Tri tren in the body (digestive enzymes). Also, manufacturers often add creatine, glutamine to the Tri Tren cycle. and other substances that increase the overall anabolic Effect. The fat content in the Tri Tren cycle is minimal and usually close to zero. This composition provides the optimal energy potential of the athlete and the growth of muscle mass without fat deposits.

Appointment of Tri Tren

As the name implies, Tri Tren’s main task – is to help the athlete in the growth of muscle mass and strength indicators, or provide energy. It is well known that muscle progress depends on the quality of the training. And what could be training without a sufficient number of energy reserves?  Tri tren they help to maximize these reserves, which leads to more intensive exercises, reduces fatigue, fatigue, and increases endurance.

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But energy is needed not only for training. The process of regeneration of muscle cells and super-compensation, as a result of which the volume of muscles increases – This is a very energy-intensive process. And ordinary food does not always contain the required number of calories, especially in an easily digestible form. Taking Tren Mix daily, you not only provide your body with energy for physical exertion but also give your muscles an impulse for maximum growth.

Action Tri Tren cycle on the body:

  • The Trenbolone mix replenishes energy balance and reduces fatigue.
  • Due to the high content of complex carbohydrates in the composition, the Tren mix provides an opportunity to increase the stock of amino acids in the body.
  • Tren Mix increase energy contained in cells and regenerate muscle tone in the shortest possible time.
  • Tren mix allows you to increase muscle mass body an average of 3-7 kg per month.

Who is recommended for Tritren

Carbohydrate-protein mixtures are recommended for people with a lack of weight, leading an active lifestyle and experiencing increased stress in training, for those who are slowly gaining muscle mass, and for the same athletes who cannot afford to follow a strict diet.

Primary uses for the Tri Tren steroid:

  • Carbohydrate and amino acid reserves immediately before exercise – for maximum efficiency;
  • Filling the deficiency of proteins and carbohydrates after training – The basis of maximum growth of muscle mass. Eating right after a workout is extremely important and the Tri Tren cycle is optimally suited for replenishing the so-called «carbohydrate» and «protein window»;
  • Increase the total caloric intake;
  • Increase the total number of meals during the day. It may be appropriate to comply with the sport mode in the case when the intake of regular food is impossible for any reason.
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How to take Tri Tren cycle correctly

 There are 2 options that you can use.

 The first and most correct method.

Calculate the daily calorie deficit and cover it by taking the Tri Tren cycle. If the reception is large, break it by 2-3 times. The method is the most effective, as it is specifically for you. After all, different people can gain weight – weighing 100 kg. or 60 kg. Their caloric needs for growth will be different, so the dosage of the Tri Tren cycle will also be different. Therefore, your task is not to read typical instructions for taking the product on the label, but to determine how much supplement is necessary for you during the day. The method gives the most accurate result but requires counting calories daily intake.

  The second method.

Start taking one or two servings of the Tri Tren cycle throughout the day. Measuring your weight once a week. You will determine whether you are gaining weight or standing still. Accordingly, knowing the progress of your weight, you will adjust the methods of the Tri Tren cycle upward or downward. The method is also working if you eat about the same amount of food from week to week. By adding Trenabol to your diet and weighing it once a week, you can determine whether the supplement supplements have affected weight gain or not.

It is impossible to give the exact figure of the portion of the Tri Tren cycle because it depends on how well you eat and how much you make up your weight. All indicators are very individual, and you will be able to determine your dosage using an experienced method.

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TriTren is mixed with water, juice, or milk. The amount of liquid affects the final taste – it depends on personal preferences. Note that milk or juice will add some calories. Do not stir the powder in boiling water – the protein in it simply coagulates and loses its properties.

Tri Tren cycle can be taken between breakfast and a second meal a day, 1-1.5 hours before a workout, between other meals.



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