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Tri Trenabol is one of the most popular steroids

Tri Trenabol is a naturally occurring vitamin-like substance (vitamin B11 is another name for Trenbolone Mix), but it is not, because unlike vitamins, an adult can synthesize a limited amount of Tri Trenabol from other nutrients. Most Tri Tren found in meat, the name itself comes from the Latin «carnis» – meat.

The spectrum of positive effects Tren mix for an athlete and any person experiencing regular physical activity is very wide, but most of the wide audience of Tri tren is probably familiar only with its function to speed up the transport of fats. But this is far from its main feature and in medicine, as in sports, Tren Mix is ​​used for another purpose.

We list the main bonuses from the use of Tri Trenabol:

  1. The physiological role of the Trenbolone mix – this is the transport of fatty acids through the inner membrane to the mitochondria, where later these fatty acids are used as an energy source. Thus, taking additional Trenabol, you maximally improve the conditions for the speedy utilization of fat, thus accelerating fat burning.
  2. The same role trenabol in combination with its same property to reduce the level of lactic and pyruvic acids contributes to an increase in endurance (mainly aerobic) and efficiency. And this property is much more interesting for an athlete, especially when Tri Trenbolone 150is used on a stack with Beta-Alanine – it provides an excellent and very tangible effect. Many of our clients have tried this stack of Trenabol with Beta-Alanine or a complex product for daily use, in the composition of which there are both ingredients in sufficient dosage, respond very positively, noting the increase in efficiency and well-being, not only during training but also in everyday life.
  3. Also, Tri Trenabol has a positive effect on recovery after a grueling workout. Due to its property, reduce tissue hypoxia (lack of oxygen), and post-training lactic acidosis. And quality recovery is a key factor in super-compensation, a phenomenon that allows us to increase athletic performance by developing our muscles.
  4. Tri Tren 150increases protein synthesis within a diet with a calorie deficit or balance and slows down its breakdown on catabolic diets (any diets with a negative calorie balance) – it helps those who work on this task to gain muscle mass (Tri Trenabol anabolic property) and helps to preserve muscle mass for those who work on reducing the percentage of subcutaneous fat (anti-catabolic property of Tri Trenabol).
  5. Few people know about such property of Tri Tren steroid, as an increase in the number of androgen receptors in muscles. Androgenic receptors are what allow you to bind free testosterone (found in the blood) with muscles, triggering their growth process. The more androgen receptors, the better your muscles use your testosterone, which is also secreted by our body in increased amounts during exercise.
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Tri Trenabol also reduces cholesterol, is effective in andrology (improves the quality and quantity of sperm, increases the likelihood of conception), increases the secretion and enzymatic activity of digestive juices (which positively affects the quality and speed of digestion of food, and hence its digestion), has a positive effect to restore the CNS.

The key and most common mistake when using Tri Trenabol is that a person who uses its to speed up fat burning does not follow the rules of the diet, does not monitor his diet, and hopes that Tri Trenabol will magically affect weight loss. It Will not affect! Yes, Tri Trenabol Mix speeds up the process of fat burning, but if you do not want to follow a diet and understand your diet, it will not help you. Nothing will help you in this case.

Positive properties Tri Trenabol

  • The fastest growth and development of muscle mass;
  • Elimination of problems of water accumulation;
  • The flow of oxygen to the tissues;
  • Increases in strength abilities, endurance;
  • Slowing down catabolic processes;
  • Increasing energy potential;
  • Removal of subcutaneous fat;
  • Fast recovery between loads and after injuries;
  • Stable sexual activity on the course;
  • Positive effect on bones and joints;
  • Improving the work of all organs and systems;
  • Good mood, increased self-esteem, stimulation to training;

The drug is quite serious, so you need to control your well-being and hormonal levels. The steroid suppresses the production of testosterone. After 2 weeks of anabolic therapy, you need to start using a gonadotropin dosage of at least 500 IU. After completing the last injection, undergo hormone replacement therapy with Tamoxifen or Clomid.

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Tri Tren side effects

  • Suppression of own hormones;
  • Sluggish erection after the course, lack of libido;
  • Instability of mood, aggressiveness;
  • Sleep disorder;
  • Prostration;

Negative reactions occur for various reasons, but mainly after an overdose and prolonged use. With the manifestation of ill health, therapy should not be interrupted, reduce the dosage, and find out the cause.

Errors when using Trenabol

The second common mistake is choosing the wrong, too small, ineffective dosage. In the majority of studies that confirmed the positive effect of Trenabol, a high dosage was used = 2000 mg of Trenabol per day (including a 2007 study on older people in Italy). With daily intake, break this dosage into two portions – morning/evening. Before training, we recommend taking at least 1500 mg of pure Trenabol Mix, and for men weighing from 90 kilograms – up to 3000-4000 mg. It is usually reasonable to do this 30 minutes before a workout, sometimes reducing this time to 15 minutes due to the nature of the load and the duration of the pre-warm-up, and sometimes vice versa increased to 60 minutes if the workout is short and intense.

Thomas Trenabol release

There are many forms of Steroids release, but today we will talk about the two most common – Trenabol and Trenabol Mix l-tartrate.

Crystal Tri Trenabol – this «pure tren mix». Its only disadvantage is strong hygroscopicity – the ability to very quickly absorb moisture from the air. This makes it almost impossible to use such a form in the form of tablets, capsules, or powder, but this Trenabol steroid is ideal for the manufacture of additives in liquid form.

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Tri Trenabol is a steroid in which pure Tri Trenabol is only about 66%. Although Tri Trenabol L-tartrate does not possess such hygroscopicity as crystalline, yet it is far from perfectly protected from moist air, and lumps often form in the form of powder, hardens.

Tri Trenabol is prescribed even to infants (in the form of drops) and children (in various forms), but, of course, not to accelerate fat burning, but to normalize energy metabolism and, as a result, positively influence the development and growth of the child. The fact is that the possibility of the synthesis of Tri Trenabol in the human body develops only by the age of 15 (and in very modest quantities, only with sufficient amounts of necessary vitamins), the child’s body cannot synthesize Trenabol Mix from derivatives and receives its only food with a high content of this ingredient. And given the nutritional habits of modern children and their real daily diet, overcrowded with simple carbohydrates and refined products against the background of lack of quality protein, most of them are deficient in Trenabol Mix, because to ensure its daily rate, the child must eat 300 grams of red meat daily.

Naturally, if Trenabol Mix is ​​prescribed even for children, then this supplement is practically devoid of side effects. All excess Tri Trenabol is easily excreted by the body and does not accumulate. The only side effect that we regularly encounter in practice, analyzing customer feedback and our athletes’ observations is excessive sweating in training with high dosages of Trenabol Mix (and even outside of training, if a person uses Trenbolone daily).



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