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How to take Tri Tren 150?

Since the bodybuilder’s body on training days and rest days, when the body is regenerating, has a different need for fast amino acids, the Tri Tren stack regimen is somewhat different these days. During intense loads, the body needs additional nourishment. And if you do not give this feed from the outside, then he will begin to look for additional reserves inside the body, so the body begins to actively break down the amino acids that make up the muscles. In this case, Tri Tren 150 acts as an assistant. To fill the missing steroid, Tri Trenbolone is ideally suited.

How to determine the optimal dosage in powder, capsules, and tablets?

The standard form for calculating the required dose of Tri Tren dosage:

Each manufacturer of sports nutrition indicates on its products completely different dosages, and regardless of the athlete’s weight. Most professional trainers agree that for every kilogram of body weight an athlete should receive about 33 mg. leucine for training. Thus, it is easy to calculate the appropriate dosage for you. For example, if your weight is 75 kg., Then at least 2475 mg should be taken for training. leucine. With a standard ratio of 2: 1: 1, it will be about 5 grams of Tri Tren 150. If your weight is 90 kg, then take 6 grams of branched-chain amino acids during exercise. Knowing this formula, you can easily calculate how much Tri Tren 150 is required specifically for you, regardless of the form of release of this sports supplement: just look at the label on the content of leucine in one portion and carry out simple mathematical operations.

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How to take Tri Trenbolone with anaerobic exercise

On the day of training:

The dosage of Tri Tren 150 dosage depends directly on the intensity of the power load, the amount of protein consumed in the diet, and your muscle mass.

Let’s take, as an example, an average athlete weighing 80 kg., Consuming at least 2 grams of protein per kg of its weight.

An 80-pound athlete who consumes at least 2 grams of protein per kg of weight per day of strength activity should take about 10-15 g. Tri Tren 150 before training. To prevent the destruction of protein structures (catabolism) during exercise, you should prepare 10 g. Tri Trenbolone 150 placed in 0.2-0.5 l. water. This volume should be drunk evenly in sips during the workout. And finally immediately after training drink another 10 g, a maximum of 15 g. Tri Tren 150.

Against the background of good content in the diet, these proteins do Tri Tren 150 will be more than enough.

Unlike other amino acids, Tren Mix is ​​digested quite well. Passing through the digestive tract, this supplement has very little loss.

If you need to drink after a workout about 25 g. Tri-Tren, break the reception twice. 10 minutes before the end of the workout and immediately after. The assimilation time of Tri Tren 150 in powder form is 5-7 minutes, in capsule form 10-15 minutes. After the second portion of the minutes after 10, you can drink Trenbolone, thereby closing the protein window.

 Should I mix Tri Tren 150 mg with Tren H?

Many experienced athletes add Tri Trenabol 150 to Tren H. This scheme may not be suitable for everyone, since the degree of digestibility of Tri Tren 150 is 5-10 minutes, Tren H is 30-50 minutes. What happens when you mix these two additives? Mixing with Tren H, Tri Trenbolone mg will not be digested and absorbed in the digestive tract, because Any protein (including whey) can not digest 100%.

 On rest days:

If you consume at least 2 grams of protein per kg. weight in the days of rest to take Tri Trenbolone is not necessary (any protein initially contains these amino acids, and they enter the body with food). If you are not following the amount of protein intake or you are not sure about the availability of a sufficient amount of protein, then you should drink the Tri Tren cycle.

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Break the Tri Tren 150 intake three times. 20 minutes before meals. Drink a serving based on 5-10 g. Tren Mix.

How to take Tri Tren 150 with aerobic exercise

The main task workouts for many, this is a reduction in the percentage of subcutaneous fat (more precisely, stimulation of fat loss). The main idea of ​​training to reach the time period of the load when the body begins to intensively burn fat. The first 20-30 minutes will burn glycogen, after fatty acids.

Such a load must take place in a specific aerobic zone for sufficient oxygen to be supplied to the oxidation processes. However, there is a nuance that inevitably, along with the oxidation of fatty acids, the muscles break down, decomposing into amino acids. These amino acids are used by the body as an energy source. Therefore, the main task that many athletes set themselves during training is to maintain muscle mass and burn as much fat as possible. In practice, often the opposite results.

When the muscles begin to break down, the first amino acids into which they are divided – these are leucine, isoleucine, and valine. Those. Those same Tri Tren 150, only their own.

Taking Tri Tren 150 before and during workouts, their function will be to keep your muscles from breaking down. As needed, it is Tri Trenbolone that will be used as a source of energy, saving its muscle tissue from destruction.

Before training – 10 g. Trenbolone Mix will saturate the blood with three essential amino acids. Prepare also 10-15 g. Trenbolone steroid, diluted in 0.2-0.5 l. water. Their you will drink after 15-20 minutes from the beginning of the workout in regular sips. Do not forget about the usual water (except Tri Tren 150), necessary to compensate for the loss of fluid.

After training it is also advisable to drink Trenbolone, as a reducing agent and anti-catabolic. Dosage 5-10 g. Will be quite enough.

Tri tren dosage

Each athlete has structural features and genetic features. For this reason, the dosage for the first use should be calculated by a specialist. Optimum will apply no more than 400 mg per week. Do not neglect the recommendations and norms, this will lead to violations and unpleasant consequences. Combining several products at once, you will be able to achieve high results, without negative health effects.

Reception Tri Tren 150mg depending on the form of release

How to take Tri Tren in capsules

The most popular form of release is Trenbolone injection. For the first time, branched-chain amino acids began to be produced in capsules. The main advantage of this form of release – ease of use. Capsules are easy to take with you and they can be taken anywhere if you have a glass of water on hand. Another advantage – a neutral taste. Because the powder is packaged in capsules, you do not feel the bitter taste characteristic of the pure powder form. However, for an exercising person who will have to drink a handful of pills several times a day, this may not be very convenient. The best option is Trenabol injection powder.

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How to take TriTren in powder

In the powder version, there are Tri Tren 150 without taste and taste. The tasteless Tri Tren is quite a bitter powder. The flavor that is present in the Tri Tren 150 tastefully makes it pleasant to use.

For Tri Tren 150 not to become a source of energy for your muscles, use them along with carbohydrates. Mix them in water with a few spoons of sugar.

Main effects Tri Trenbolone 150

  • Promotes rapid metabolism.
  • Accelerates the conversion of protein to muscle tissue.
  • Stimulates muscle growth.
  • Saturates the body with energy, increases efficiency.
  • Helps to get rid of subcutaneous fat in problem areas.
  • Reduces recovery between exercise.
  • Prevents catabolism while maintaining volume.
  • Removes excess fluid, making muscles supple.
  • Improves body contour.
  • Makes the body more resilient during competitions.

It is recommended to consult with a trainer before applying to professional sports. The drug is detected for a long time during doping tests for up to 5 months. If necessary, use special tools for masking agents.

 How to take Tri Tren 150 in liquid form

Amino acids in liquid form as quickly as possible absorbed by the body, even faster than powder. Experts advise taking 40 ml. before and after training, three to five times a day.

There is no exact figure for taking Tri Tren 150 mg during strength training or cardio. With the growth of your sports experience, with the growth of your competence in nutrition, with the growth of your muscle mass, you will select the optimal dosage for yourself experimentally.

Doses of Tri Tren 150 dosage less 3-4 g are effective only in covering the needs of the organism, not engaged in the power sports of the person. Those. on bodybuilders, such dosages will not affect. Tri Trenbolone cycle has no restrictions on the duration of the course, so during long-term admission, no special breaks or cycles are required. All this makes the supplement certainly useful and attractive.



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    1. A few weight lifters and competitors use trenbolone esters for their muscle-building and in any case execution upgrading impacts. Such use is unlawful in the United States and a few European and Asian nations.

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